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U12/Nancy Greene/Snow Stars



SportChek SnowStars Program

SnowStars is the entry level program tool that addresses ski racing skill development in Stages 2 and 3 (Skier Essentials and Learn to Train) of the seven-stage AIM 2 WIN model.

This seven-level program is designed to standardize and strengthen skill development in grassroots programs in Canada by training and developing the right physiological components at the right time. It is the first step in developing well-rounded athletes who will excel on the national and world stages.

To learn more about this program please visit

Nancy Greene Club Program

The Nancy Greene Program is aligned with Alpine Canada's U-12 skiing program. It is for skiers ages 5-12 years of age. The Nancy Greene program also offers an introduction to the alpine racing sport. It encourages kids from 8 to 12 to take part in friendly, competitive races with their peers in ability. It is often the first opportunity for kids to see what it's like to be part of an alpine race and they have the experience of being in a event of this size in a fun atmosphere.

Nancy Greene, the program's name sake, is a well-known Canadian alpine skier. Nancy Greene's official web site is

Husky Snow Stars-General Overview

The Husky Snow Stars is a skill development tool for young skiers that is used within the Nancy Greene club programs. It is the development program used by all Alpine Saskatchewan clubs to instruct children and youth from beginners to those with more experience.


To provide a solid foundation and knowledge base – physical, technical, tactical and mental – upon which to build children’s athletic abilities.

To encourage children to discover a pathway to the joy of skiing, competition and excellence in a fun and rewarding environment.

Click HERE for more information on the Snowstars program and booklet.

The phases of athletic development categorized in the Alpine Canada AIM 2 WIN are as follows.

  • Active start (0-6)
  • FUN-damentals (males 6-9, females 6-8) *Husky Snow Stars program focuses
  • Learning to Train (males 9-12, females 8-11) *Husky Snow Stars program focuses
  • Train to Train (males 12-16, females 11-15)
  • Train to Compete (males 16-23 /- females 15-21 )
  • Train to Win (males 19 /-, females 18 /-)
  • Active for life (Enter at any age)
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